Investing in Mauritius: a smart choice!

From his Mauritian stopover in 1896, Mark Twain, the famous American writer reported: “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first and then heaven was copied after Mauritius”. And he was right!

The tropical island is known as a safe haven with white sand beaches and volcanic mountain backdrops. Mauritius is also known for its beautiful botanical gardens, and opportunities to spot rare birds, walk with lions and swim with dolphins. Plentiful water sports, world-class spas and high-end golf courses, the island has plenty to see and to do.

Furthermore, Mauritius is one of the leading and fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa. The measures introduced by the Mauritian government in terms of good governance, transparency and ethics have enabled the country to build a solid reputation.

At international level, Mauritius is perceived as a secure and reliable investment hub. In fact, the country is an attractive and safe location for local and foreign investors. Over the years, Mauritius has shifted towards a more diversified economy with a sustainable engagement in export-oriented manufacturing, tourism, financial and business services.

Moreover, Mauritius has been continuously enhancing partnerships with emerging economies such as India, Turkey and Asia. The island has a strategic location in the Indian Ocean which has proven to be a major asset for both regional and international trade. In addition, through its various memberships – Southern African Development Community (SADC), African-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP), Mauritius can be the ramp that would drive foreign investors to emerging markets.

Political and social stability

Mauritius is well-known for its political stability. Since its independence in 1968, the country has achieved continuity, inclusiveness and transparency in various fields. The island is among the most business friendly destination in Africa. The Mauritian Government has invested massively in order to facilitate business and commercial activities. Besides, Mauritius has a solid judicial structure and a stable financial system.

Some important facts

  • Location: Mauritius lies 2300 kilometres off the coast of southern Africa, in the Indian Ocean.
  • Area: The Island covers 2040 square kilometres, about the same size of Luxembourg and twice the size of Hong Kong.
  • Climate: Mauritius has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging around 30 Celsius year round.
  • Capital city: The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis.
  • Population: 1,3 million as per the last census.
  • Language: The official language of the country is English. The majority of the population speaks Kreol. Most of the Mauritians speak several languages including: French, English, Bhojpuri and others.